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If you care about your reputation and want to protect it, then you should consider Public Relations (PR). PR enables you to engage with all your stakeholders – from employees and your local community to customers and investors.

PR ‘does what is says on the tin’. It’s about managing your public relationships and safeguarding the reputation you establish as a consequence of everything you do and say, and everything others say about you.

Today’s business world is more competitive than ever. You clearly know what makes you stand out from the competition but does anyone else? PR can play a pivotal role in highlighting your unique selling points.

PR isn’t advertising, where a company pays to directly communicate its message by taking ‘space’ in a newspaper, on a website, alongside a prime time TV programme or on a radio station. It is more powerful than that.

A company using PR doesn’t pay the newspaper or TV channel but uses third party endorsement, which carries far more weight. An authoritative article written about a company, a topical comment from a company director, or a case study of a successful initiative brings far more kudos than paid-for advertising.

Good media relations are critical, especially where members of the public are the buyers. Every company needs to build up meaningful relationships with key journalists and editors, so the media know where to go to find expert comments and interesting opinions.

A PR campaign can encompass all sorts of different techniques and tools, from speaking opportunities at exhibitions and conferences to sponsoring an award category in your business sector or planning a social media campaign.

But to be successful, every PR campaign needs a plan. It doesn’t need to be complex but it does need to be clear. Define your business objectives, positioning and key messages; build these points into a unique PR strategy aimed at reaching your target audience; and you’ll find PR will work for you.

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